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Detox From Toxins

Detox From Toxins

Recently I have been more consciousness on all of the toxic stuff that surrounds us in our everyday lives. We can find chemicals and toxins in almost everything, LITERALLY! In our cosmetics, food, computers, cell phones, microwaves, tap water, our environment and etc. Did you know that there is lead in lipsticks and other nine toxic heavy metals? We are also exposed to chemicals when we are pumping gas or getting our nails done. As we all know, our beautiful oceans are terribly polluted, and the fish that live in those waters tend to have high mercury levels; especially tuna, mackerel, and other deep sea fish. These heavy metals are a form of toxins that we should try our best to be avoiding.


Toxins play a major role in hormonal imbalance. When our hormones are out of whack we may experience tiredness, mood swings, headaches, breakouts, brain fog, thyroid problems, weight gain and the list goes on. Our liver does a pretty neat job in filtering out excess hormones, but if it is constantly hounded with more toxins, the liver’s detoxification system won’t work properly or at its best.

While we can’t live in a bubble, there are certain steps we can take to detox ourselves from all of these toxins to live our healthiest and best lives.

  • Start your morning off with some warm water and lemon. This is my favorite thing to do and I have been doing it religiously for years now. I promise after a week or so, the taste won’t bother you and you will start to crave it. Lemon is amazing at cleansing and detoxifying the liver, and we have learned that we need it to function at its best.

  • DIET! Try to avoid eating a lot of fish and meat. Meat is pumped with growth hormones that affect our hormones tremendously. Sticking to a more plant-based diet is ideal.

  • Wash your produce well or if you can buy organic! I bought this fruit/vegetable wash from Trader Joe’s, it is pretty natural and it gets rid of a lot of the pesticides found in our produce.

  • Cilantro and Parsley are amazing herbs that cleanse your body of mercury and other metals. Stick some in your smoothies, juices, or salad dressings.

  • Garlic is also another great detox agent. I pretty much cook everything with garlic because… yum.

  • Drink plenty of “clean” water! I have a Brita water bottle that I bought at Target for very cheap. I hate fountain water so this water bottle is an extra help in removing all of the toxins that are found in our water systems. Check your local tap water for pollutants at https://www.ewg.org/tapwater/

  • Swap out your cosmetic products for a cleaner version. The app “Healthy Living” rates products and food based on ingredients.

  • Be more conscious of the chemicals you are exposed to on a daily basis and learn more! There are also great supplements that you can incorporate into your diet to stabilize your hormones, such as maca powder (do not take if you are on birth control) or other adaptogens.



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