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“I see my path

Just not where it leads

That’s what inspires me to travel”

A quote that has stuck with me since I’ve seen it on an airplane. The growth and experience you receive from traveling are wicked. Still every time I get on a plane I get happy and giddy thinking about what I’m about to experience. Experiences are a funny thing actually. They can be so bad you wonder, “How do these things even happen?” and others are so insanely great you’re left speechless. Traveling is something I wish I could give to everyone I know because the experiences and knowledge you gain are irreplaceable.

I’ve been traveling almost all my life and I’m extremely grateful for that. It has played a part in shaping me into who I am today. I come to you from in the sky on an airplane as I’m writing this, ironic huh?


Thailand and why I recommend it

     Thailand is like nowhere you’ve ever been before. It’s such a holy and beautiful place to visit. First off, if you’re a broke college student like me then you’ll really like the currency exchange. 1 U.S. dollar is equivalent to 35 bahts. So when I took out 3,500 bahts I was only spending $100 U.S. dollars! Talk about holy fricken cheap. If you didn’t feel boujee before you sure will then. One of my favorite things about visiting Thailand was the culture. Every single person I encountered was so friendly and welcoming. Even the other tourists! I think it’s hard to be somewhere so insanely great and act like a fool. We did a lot of group activities like kayaking tours and elephant sanctuaries. There are websites similar to Groupon that have group tours through Thailand which I highly recommend because you book it and everything is planned out for you. Those experiences specifically stuck with me as we met such cool people. Thailand is a great place to visit when wanting to meet new people. The cities I visited were Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Top two favorite experiences in Bangkok:


  1. Dining at this little hole in the wall restaurant called Tealicious. Owned by an adorable couple from the UK who’d moved to Thailand about 10 years back (mind you I visited in 2016). It was recommended to us from an Austrian couple we met in Chiang Mai during our visit to the elephant sanctuary. When I tell you I have never had better Thai food throughout the whole trip, better yet my whole life I mean it. This place is a MUST if you visit Bangkok.

  2. A cooking class we booked deep in the city of Bangkok. Each person got to pick an appetizer, a soup, a noodle dish, an entrée, and a dessert. All of which you got to make from scratch. From mashing our own curry spices together to the cooking and presentation you did it all. It was such a great experience to put so much love and excitement into making these dishes then getting to enjoy them afterward. 10/10 would recommend.

Top two favorite things about Chiang Mai:


  1. Visiting the different temples. We hired a wonderful lady to drive us around to many different temples around the city and share her immense knowledge of the holy temples and religion. It was such an enlightening experience to be a part of. Every step into a temple my body was filled with goosebumps. The feeling of being somewhere so holy and beautiful is an experience that’s hard to explain.

  2. The elephant sanctuary. If you’re looking to be awed by such giant gentle creatures then I HIGHLY recommend. It’s important to do your research when looking for the right elephant sanctuary. Riding the elephants is a huge NO. An elephant's back is one of their most sensitive areas and is often abused by places advertising elephant rides for money. If you do proper research you can find a great one. Walking amongst these beautiful beings is something I’ll never forget..


Of course, there are so many other great things to do in this amazing country and I have so many other recommendations so please feel free to leave a comment with any questions!

It’s a beautiful time to be a beautiful person.



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