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F*ck Plastic

F*ck Plastic

If you haven't made the switch or purchased a metal straw.. what are you waiting for?! Plastic is the number one pollution in the ocean and pretty much all over the world. There are plenty of options aside from plastic straws. Stainless steel, paper, glass, and bamboo are just some of them. Our planet Earth has given us so much, it's time we give back and start taking care of her. 79 percent of plastic created over the past 70 years has just been thrown out as garbage into either the environment or landfill sites. There are 8 million tons of plastic going into the ocean every year. Although straws are a small portion of the big problem happening on our earth, it's certainly a start. In a recent study of beach clean ups, it was said that plastic straws made "the 'top 10' items picked up on beach clean ups" list. Typically disposable straws are made from plastic and plastic is not biodegradable. It may separate into smaller pieces but it will never fully break down, and once it is separated into smaller pieces, it makes it nearly impossible to remove from the ocean. 500 million single use plastic straws are used everyday in just the U.S., which is INSANE! I get how its easy to think that one small plastic straw with your iced coffee doesn't make a difference but it does. Every straw you save by using metal straws makes a difference I promise you. 

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There are so many benefits to metal straws, and if you're still reading you're about to find out what they are! 

  • Environmentally friendly

  • reusable

  • easy to clean

  • inexpensive

  • can be used with hot and cold beverages

  • safe to use

  • all the cool kids are doing it

  • you can stick it directly in an orange- so fresh OJ!

  • safe for kids

  • awesome for traveling

  • helps prevent teeth stains from drinking coffee

  • lasts a lifetime!

Xx, Hannah


Photo from David Suzuki, Ecowatch

Photo from David Suzuki, Ecowatch

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