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A Guide To Food In Oahu

A Guide To Food In Oahu

Hannah and I had the opportunity to stay on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. From fresh local fruit to fresh local fish, Oahu had options. After our visit, we left with a few favorites that we had to share with you. Trying to keep things inexpensive was definitely a challenge, as everything is pricy. Although we didn't get to try every place as we would have liked too, we definitely found some good ones. Use this as a guide if you are stuck on where you want to eat in Oahu. 



Haleiwa Bowls

The infamous Haleiwa bowls is as delicious as they say. Unfortunately, they were out of the "Blue Majik" bowl that contains blue spirulina, so we did not get to try that one. But, the "Mana" bowl was just as yummy and we added kiwi and papaya to it. 


Sunrise Shack

This little Shack across the street from Sunset Beach is the perfect aesthetic for some cute Insta pics. Being away from home and our morning routine for several days made us really miss our Bulletproof coffee ritual. We did not think there would be any places in Hawaii that sell Bulletproof coffee but we stumbled across this gem in North Shore and soon opening up in Waikiki Beach. The bowls looked pretty appetizing while we were ordering so we tried out the tropical bowl, definitely lived up to the picture.

Elephant Shack

We love Thai food and during this trip, we both craved a lot of Pad Thai and Curry. The iced Thai tea was delicious and the Pad Thai is definitely worth trying.  If you enjoy a semi-spicy curry then the Panang Curry is a delicious choice.


Shark's Cove Grill

This food truck is located in Sharks Cove in North Shore, in a lot full of other food trucks. This one was our personal favorite because of their "Hurricane Fries". The "Fresh Ahi Burger" was also amazing! The purple color of the bun from Taro and the Shark's sauce made the sandwich. 



This food truck was also located in Shark's Cove, right next to Sharks Cove Grill. If you are a true poké fan then you will love their poké bowl! The poké was extremely fresh and coated with a delicious spicy sauce.  

Downbeat Diner

A diner located slightly in the heart of Honolulu provides affordable yummy vegan options. There are also nonvegan options available. We came here twice but were too hungry both times to take a picture. Here we ate vegan BBQ and Buffalo wings with their delicious vegan ranch. We also had vegan rib eye cutlets with rice and a salad and a vegan burger. The food was pretty ordinary but the convenience of it being good and affordable with vegan options is what made this place worth mentioning.


BeetBox Cafe

After a long hike and beach day, we were famished! Although there were a Whole Foods in this town, we insisted on eating somewhere local. We found this restaurant down an odd street but we were glad we did because they have many vegan options. We got the "Healthy Plate of Food"  but the kind lady working the cashier said the "Hello Burger" is a hit.  


Tucker & Bevvy

If you prefer to have a light and healthy meal/snack during your beach day in Waikiki, this little place is perfect. We both got a warm veggie sandwich and a butternut squash and lentil salad that we are going to try to replicate at home. We even decided to go back later for a green smoothie. 

Please feel free to leave any more food recommendations in Oahu in the comments. We really enjoyed our stay and we plan to come back very soon!


Jade & Hannah


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