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Growing your Hair

Growing your Hair

A little back story of my hair before I get into how to grow your hair fast.

I have very thin (thanks mom) and curly hair naturally. When I was really young and lived in New York, my hair was beautiful TBH. But, when I moved from New York to Florida, I spent the majority of my time outside swimming in the ocean and in the pool and biking. That is when my good ole pal FRIZZ came along. Now if you can only imagine how my curly thin hair reacted with chlorine, sun, salt water, sweat and no good hair products. In high school, I would straighten my hair with a flat iron every week. By the end of high school, my hair was damaged and it would NEVER grow past my chest no matter how much I tried. After years of trial and error, my hair is healthy and longer than its ever been!



Here are my favorite tips & tricks to get your hair to start growing:

1. Hair Products- I make sure all of my hair products are paraben and sulfate free. Parabens are used to preserve products to extend their shelf life. It may also be the cause of skin irritation. Sulfates have been known to cause hair loss, thinning, and it can destroy hair follicles and strip the hair of natural keratin. The parabens and sulfates in your shampoos and conditioner also leave a layer on your scalp that obviously contains chemicals, in result it bocks the hair follicle from pushing out hair.  

Pro tip: Add peppermint oil to shampoo and hair masks. It will help stimulate hair growth due to the ability to increase scalp blood circulation.

My Favorite affordable Shampoos & Conditioners:

2. Trims- I use to hate hearing this tip from hairdressers when I was younger but it really does help! Think about it, all the split ends you may have in your hair are only going to split even more leaving your ends so gross that you'll have to cut more off then if you would have just gotten a normal trim. I just got a haircut (3 inches off) and my hair feels so much softer and livelier. I also notice that my hair falls off less when I trim it often as well as it is much more manageable due to the dead ends being off, making it less tangled.

3. Supplements-  Collagen is a game changer. I credit it to a lot of my hair growth and skin elasticity. Marine collagen is the best for hair, skin & nails but any would do. We all know biotin is great for hair growth but taking other vitamins are essential as well, such as Zinc, fish oil, B5, Iron, Vitamin C, and D.

4. Wash your hair less frequently- If you work out on the daily like I do, it may be very tempting to wash your hair after every workout but my trick is to make a bun on the top of my head so only my scalp will get a little sweaty and not my actual hair. Try not to use dry shampoo too often because it will dry out your scalp, and we do not want that. If your hair gets greasy too quickly that is because you wash it way to fucking much! Eventually, your hair won't get greasy quickly, it will be a tough process but just trust me.

5. Scrunchies! - They're making a comeback, mark my words. Elastics often break your hair cause breakage so I try to stick with scrunchies. Also, try not to constantly tie your hair, and if you need to a low pony is better because it won't tug at your hair. There are even scrunchies made out of satin which helps prevent breakage and creases.

6. Scalp massages- I'm sure almost every person owns one of those head massager things. They are very inexpensive and are great to massage your scalp. Massaging your scalp every so often will stimulate the scalp aka hair growth. Plus, it feels nice.

7. Diet - The most important tip is diet. Eat healthy and nutrient dense food because EVERYTHING beauty and health-wise start with the inside. As mentioned above, eating lots of food that contain certain vitamins and minerals such as iron, omega 3, vitamin C, A, E, and D. Some foods you should incorporate more into your diet is salmon (in moderation), chia and flax seeds, egg yolk, avocado, legumes, nuts, spinach, collard greens, beans, kale, broccoli, strawberries, and mushrooms.

8. Avoid heat- Another well-known tip that helps tremendously. Embrace your natural hair and take good care of it because heat may be slowing your hair growth process and leaving you will damage hair. I air dry my hair and often make a braid so it will be more tamed once it's fully dry. You'll notice a big difference after a month of avoiding hair dryers and straighteners.

9. Pillow Cases- Switch out your pillow cases to a satin or silk one! The texture is a lot more gentle on your hair and skin, therefore, less breakage and frizz! Also as a bonus, it is better for your skin. Satin/silk pillow cases are a game changer! Do yourself a favor and buy one! Click “here” for the pillow case I use (comes with 2).

9. Last but not least PATIENCE! This will not happen overnight. It will take a couple of months depending on your hair type but don't give up just develop some patience.

I'm sure the internet has thousands of more tips and tricks but these were my own that have personally worked for me. Please feel free to leave a comment below on any tips that may have worked for you because sharing is caring!



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