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Metaphysics is definitely a topic that puts a spark in my eye. There is so much to know and although I don't know more than 1% of it. Here is what I do know

I’m sure many people reading this has heard of the “law of attraction” but if not, here is a brief summary: Every thought we have, has a vibrational frequency to it.

If you think it then it IS possible because once your thought has been projected out to the universe, it has created momentum. What we attract is a reflection of what we put out in our behaviors, actions, and thought. What is happening today is the result of our actions and thoughts in the past.

In order to manifest what we want, we must first NEED to STOP saying phrases such as “I’ll try.., I hope.., I think.., maybe..”. You’re not going to hope for it or attempt at it, you are going to do it! The reason being is because those phrases are not affirmations. You are either affirming it or not. It is easy to just say “I want XYZ or I’ll try to do this today” but in order to grow into the humans we wish to become, we need to catch ourselves saying these things and change it to positive affirmations such as “I will get this done and I am strong, powerful, etc”. If you feel some tension in your affirmations then that means you are adding resistance to it. Resistance basically means your subconscious does not believe in yourself.

As I mentioned, everything has a vibrational frequency to it. Let's say you wish to have this car or a certain friendship/relationship or a new job. In order to obtain those things you need to:

1. Work for them, obviously

2. Be a vibrational match to it.

Everything you want and don't want has a frequency to it; the things we want has a high frequency whereas everything we don't want (fear, sadness, depression) has a low frequency to it.  In order to manifest what you want you must match up to that frequency. If there is a car you want, envision yourself driving it and the feeling you would have owned it. Maybe meditate on that feeling and of course, work towards getting it.

This is a practice!

One example that I feel like everyone can relate to is friendships or relationships. I have a friend who has a bad reputation of hooking up with a lot of girls and toying with their feelings in the past. Today, he is a great guy that wishes to be in a serious relationship. The qualities he is looking for in a woman are kind, smart, loyal, and communicative. But, his current lifestyle is not a vibrational match to that. He excessively drinks, puts himself down, and continues to hook up with random girls. Since he is not the things he wants, he won't attract that person. His behavior is leading him to attract women just like him (what he doesn't want). You are unable to attract what you are not. If you find yourself attracting bad people into your life then you need to take a look at your subconscious thoughts and behavior.

Basically, be the person you wish to attract. Constantly work on yourself, lift your frequency! Align with the vibration of what you want mentally. Although action is very much important, it will not outweigh your thoughts, emotion, and feeling. An angry person who hustles every day may notice that they are not achieving their goal. Their goal is at a high frequency where they are at a low one. They are not a vibrational match to what they are trying to achieve.

Now, you may be wondering how in the F do I raise my frequency?

Be more mindful, eat a plant-based diet, meditate, get over things that have made you angry or upset quickly, and most importantly feel good!

Have you ever noticed how happy you feel on your birthday and somehow everything goes right or the person in front of you in line purchases your drink. Its because on your birthday you feel so amazing that the frequency you are putting out is high.

If you wish to learn more here are some awesome must-read books:

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

The Secret by  Rhonda Byrne



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