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1 Product You Need to Add To Your Skincare Routine

1 Product You Need to Add To Your Skincare Routine

Attention all boys and girls!

The sun is a massive fireball -in case you forgot- and the sun is the main source of ultraviolet radiation, aka UV rays. We all know that UV exposure increases your chances of skin cancer, but if for some unknown reason that is not enough of a reason for you to lay off the tanning bed or slather yourself in sunscreen then maybe looking like a wrinkly old woman or man at the age of 26 is enough.

UVA and UVB rays can damage skin cells and of course, increase your risk of skin cancer. If you are not already wearing sunscreen especially on your face then I suggest you jump on that ASAP!

I can go on and on about the damages the sun does to your skin but for this post in particular, I'm primarily going to focus on what it does aesthetically to your skin such as dark spots and wrinkles.

Dark spots are caused by long-term sun exposure and it is not cute! Just because you don't notice any spots on your face after spending weeks out in the sun doesn't mean it wont start appearing later on in life. Sun exposure is the number 1 cause of visible aging on your skin. Wrinkles are going to happen no matter what as you age, but the sun will accelerate the process.

And who doesn't want to look like their 21 forever! 

I don't care if it is 5 pm and cloudy, sunscreen is a must. I do not leave my house without putting on a face sunscreen! I even go to the extent of avoiding placing my hands where the sun hits while I'm driving because I want to keep my hands' wrinkle free forever. Now, am I crazy or just protective?

While I cannot wear a hat or visor every place I go, I invest in some good sunscreen that will not clog my pores and won't interfere with my makeup.


When buying sunscreen there are some things you should look out for

  1. That it contains Zinc Oxide because it is the most effective ingredient in sunscreen acting as a layer on top of your skin that reflects and absorbs both UVA and UVB rays.

  2. It states it is “Broad Spectrum” because you want to be protected from both UVA and UVB rays.

  3. Has a minimum of SPF 15


Here are my favorite face sunscreens that I found will not clog pores and cause any unnecessary breakouts. These sunscreens also work great under makeup! 


Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant is one of my favorite brands! I love their vitamin C serum, as well. I typically wait a few minutes for it to seep in before I apply makeup.

Origins is a more "natural" approach to skincare, and this moisturizer (pictured below) contains SPF 15 and gives your skin such a nice glow! Seriously. 



Living Libations also a more natural form of skin care and their products are absolutely amazing! 

Alba Botanica is a more affordable facial sunscreen and it's biodegradable so that is always a plus!

Kiehls - If you're not quite ready to add another step into your morning routine, then this sunscreen is for you. Its great and doubles as a moisturizer. 




So ladies and gents now is prime time to start preventing premature aging and reduce your risk of skin cancer. It's never too late to start investing in your skin!



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