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Natural Deodorants that Work & Why you Should Make the Switch

Natural Deodorants that Work & Why you Should Make the Switch

As many of you know, Antiperspirants contain cancer-causing aluminum compounds. We are told at an early age (puberty) to start using deodorants because we smell. Now whether you started off using a deodorant or an antiperspirant, chances are you're using an antiperspirant today.

Difference between deodorants and antiperspirants

The difference is deodorant neutralizes the smell of sweat by killing the bacteria on your skin. Antiperspirant, on the other hand, uses aluminum salt that removes the moisture on your skin, blocking your sweat glands. Sweat helps you to regulate your body temperature which explains why you would sweat more when it is really hot or when you’re working out.

Why Antiperspirants are bad for you

The ingredients in antiperspirants are very toxic, there have been several studies done that theorized that aluminum may increase breast cancer risk, kidney disease, and even Alzheimer’s disease. If you’re reading this and thinking “na, it won’t happen to me” remember that you are putting these chemicals on your armpit every single day for how long?

Skin is the largest organ in the body and everything you put on it can affect your health!

The reason I started to do research on antiperspirants and switched over to a natural deodorant was that I noticed my armpits would randomly have a lump in which became sore and tender. At first, I thought it was an ingrown hair or a shaving cut but after some research, I figured out that it came from my antiperspirant!

Both men and women have lymph nodes in our underarms. Lymph nodes help the body by fighting off infections and help function the immune system. Unlike the liver, lymph nodes do not self-detox. If your lymph nodes start to swell up it could be because of illness, infection, or the chemicals you are putting right on top of it. Since we all want to have a cleansed out lymphatic system we can either take many great herbs or go the easier route and switch to a natural deodorant.

“But Jade, I know this and I tried but natural deodorant sucks”

Well, don’t you worry because I have tested many natural deodorants, and I am here to help you! So here is a list of my favs:

Natural Deo

These are my 2 Favorite natural deodorants that I will always go back to:

Real Purity is my favorite natural deodorant hands down! It is hard to find a deodorant that will keep you pretty dry while making you smell nice and this one does just that. The scent comes from essential oils and I notice that I do not have to reapply this one at all throughout the day. Even after a sweaty gym sesh, I smelt like I just freshly applied this. Seriously. 

Agent Nateur No. 3 Holi is also a great chemical free deodorant. Its smells nice and there is also no need to constantly be reapplying. This deodorant is hyped up for good reasoning, but it is more on the pricier side. So, if you wish to splurge for the sake of your health, this should be the one.

Remember, these are deodorants, not antiperspirants so you will still sweat, but, I have noticed that these deodorants have helped lessen the amount of wetness. As I continue my quest to find the best natural products I will continue to add to this list.



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